Sherwood SH930CEQ
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warg 10/03/2006

Sherwood SH930CEQ : warg's user review


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Place of manufacture unknown, and no site builder.

- Spruce
- Cash, in cutaway, arched synthetic (type copy ovation)
- Channel natto satin varnish to 20 frets
- Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
- Mechanical oil bath chrome
- Electo: 3-Band EQ-505 EQ (high, medium, serious + volume)
- String D'Addario 12-53
- Finish with two choices: * decor brown / black flamed + net + beige gloss
* Setting tobacco / sunburst + net + beige gloss


- The handle is nice and slides it right
- Access to acute no problem
- Ergonomics is:
- Average of the shape when you play standing
- Proper weight in
- Not good for the string height too high for my taste
(I solved this problem by cutting the stillet 3 mm in height, it
now exceeds 2 mm from the bridge and now it
- For sound, I found it correct, by the rope against the original was
too hard for my little mimine recovering the guitar, I waited
6 months following the advice of the seller, to put EXP15 10/47 and won his
in resonance.


- It suits my style of music (blues, rock, ect ...)
- In store, I tried it on two amps reference medium budget, the Marshall AS50R
Laney A1 and multi-effects (which unfortunately has not yet had an opinion on this
The sound is crystal with a good record medium / bass on these two animals.
- Sound not connected, is OK for this size of fund and the harmonics are
good, all of course for those who love the sound "box plastoc".


- I've had 8 months
- The pros: The handle and look very nice
- The -: Difficulty in finding a bag or hard case that fits this
form without going to "Ov ...." € 120.
I found the case in Elypse super balance at € 45.
- Have played 30 years ago, on 6-string classical, folk, electric to finish on
a 12-string Susuki, hence my preference for the strings near the neck, I was looking for
this type of guitar playing again.
- For a guitar I paid € 200 ≈, I find the price / quality ratio very nice,
is the entry level, do not forget it.
Also I will not compare with the very big brand that starts with an "O",
because we do not compare a Porsche with a 2CV.
- With the experience I would do the same choice knowing that it is a guitar
transition before returning to power.