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dabclod 02/27/2007

Takamine EF407 : dabclod's user review


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Japanese-made, pre-amp integrated chromatic tuner and tuning-medium-severe acute
Fund in Koa and mahogany neck. As I saw on another description that it could be plated, I checked yesterday (26/02/2007), and the bottom shows that indeed, he at least is pressed. I will wait for the next chord change to check further. (Note: more and more guitar, even using the high-end veneer ...). It does not detract from the aesthetic.
Conventional mechanical, gold and white buttons with head perforated.
The Koa wood is very strong, and depending on the type of guitar made is different. On mine it was made a mottled dark (leopard spots) a little sad. The back is much more clear and beautiful (long veins of beautiful colors), but it's back ...
A band slightly above the fourth case, thumb side. Nothing too annoying (it can even serve as a tactile cue), but the Japanese violin had accustomed us to a result so impeccable, it was a little disappointed ...
The site takamine this instrument in the list of discontinued models this year (2006).


Channel U adequate thick enough for my taste, pleasant because of the relatively short pitch (63 cm instead of 65 standard). Allows barred by the thumb on the E string, but I have to take a little compared to other races.
12 spaces available and playable until the 14 th.
Very nice small size.
The chromatic tuner has three positions: off - guitar service - guitar output cut.
If the sound is okay, but low noise, he earns a lot to be amplified. Rather average range (Medium) with bass and treble without excess, not very crystalline, close enough to a classical guitar, with all the trimmings from scratch. But the preamp allows large modulations.
Two drawbacks: The type of tailpiece that especially for the low E string causes a slight bump of the cord above the nut, so that the height of the rope above the first box is above what is needed (Due to the angle between tailpiece and button) - This problem is probably with the standard version, because the version Haumont Michel has a key oil bath, the most common folk that similar system the classical,
+ Changing strings is difficult for the same reason (I play on 10-46 shooting). Otherwise, it remains remarkably well-tuned.
The purpose of this type of guitar is rather to be amplified, and my note is made on the assumption that it is used connected to an amplifier.


Arpeggios in picking is very good (I saw the action and reversed through the bridge for reasons of accuracy. Good tool, and probably very good on stage, but that I am not yet arrived really (+ Lightweight probalbe little sensitivity to feedback)
A little too much for my taste this to the accompaniment of songs, I prefer a little velvety.
I use it a lot at this time for transplanting pieces of folk or picking, where it sounds very clear and this makes it easy compared to my APX.
In the evening, in the silence of the night, playing slowly, it also highlights its balance of her: She became a true creative tools, working on the resonances or harmonics, for example.


I used the last 4 years, I was very pleased with the purchase of equipment: The violin is generally impeccable, the sound amplified soft and pleasant, including open tuning.
The handle still limited compared to the expression cutaway guitars, and acoustic sound is not great (especially his power that is fishing for that matter), but electronic, it is fine.
But I bought it less than 600 euros, hard case in very good condition included, about 500 Euros the instrument, so almost half price.
It is an instrument of a professional, reliable, lightweight mat. We find better, but frankly, at this price ...
I like it.

For me it's a purchase worth a favorite that I had, hence my final grade, based on the quality / price ratio.
(07/05/2010) I sold this guitar. I hope it will give the new owner as much pleasure it gave me a reasonable price.