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Jean-Philippe P. 09/17/2006

Takamine EG220SC : Jean-Philippe P.'s user review


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- Table massive pica
- Dos & mahogany wicker covers,
- Varnish Satin
- Rosewood fingerboard and bridge,
- Prampli MODELS TP-4 on electro-acoustic
- Mcaniques chrome oil bath
- Manufacturing China

The border edging gives it more of a satin varnish look agralble trs.
Fidler is the handle to Takamine, thin enough for a good grip, and Access in an acute trs simple pan shot requires. Small BMOL: the strings are too lgrement moves away my taste of the highs (but nothing essential!).
The prampli TP-4 allows SETTING THE acute mdiums & bass and the gain (volume).


The handle end can evolve enough without much problem. Especially in the treble o 20 th box (dernire) is made usable (although sr cell does not require too big fingers ...)
The handle is screwed to an SETTING THE height of the strings, which are (as expressed prcdement) too lgrement moves away the key. The frtes are not "high" and trs fine, you must have good fluency in acoustic folk.
The legalization three bands can be simpler, and drives are trs prcis to obtain a sound DSIR trs fast!


By the sound of acoustic takamine remains sr Fidler make, everything is harmonious and trs trs brilliant. Any time a lightweight lack of bass can be encountered in acoustics, but also that the attacks are less violent and does not spoil any more. Thanks the bands prampli agalisation 3 TP-4, one can quickly trs remdier this gap. Always keeping the sound of a Takamine, this guitar is versatile TRS: trs is not well get crystal clear sound as well as its warm enough and supplied at low! But a fawn gnrale, the sound is uniform and non-trs disproportionate between the extreme: the attacks are attune while the treble is not criands!
For my part I use a Marshall acoustic amp AS50R: trs a good couple who knows how to balance the treble provided by scratches and low trs well transcribed by the amp!


I did find some default! Although this is not the sr trs premium which can be found with the cot Santafe o Gibson. But losrque one wants to have a guitar with good quality finishes clean and free of burrs, prcis sound and worthy of this prestigious brand, by loving folks scratch: it darkens it! For a price widely available to amateurs (339), I think it's a good compromise trs, both in use acoutic or electro!
Now that I bought it I do not expect change if tt and if I had a choice again there would be no questions ask!