Takamine EGS330S II
Takamine EGS330S II
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cho7kipu 09/25/2003

Takamine EGS330S II : cho7kipu's user review


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Then the good is a problem! when I see on the site takamine, the egs330s the head does not have this! the body is dug for Access in acute, but I scratched my c not dig at all! Yet although a egs330s c, c labeled in lol, so I'll call egs330s II voilou!
Nivo characteristics, bah c standard, we will reinvent the guitar pa ... it is the middle range of a guitar, I think new 3500 francs, a non ngligeable price is due to the electro Acoustik, so the value of the guitar "only" be about 2500 francs break everything (and yes it's expensive electro!), so ca c to determine the level finishing and everything. the prampli is good, a simple equalizer, a master volume output, a battery tester ...


The handle is enjoyable, I found String spacing at beginners, but it's going now ...
Access in acute bof is because the body is not hollow. Personal I rarely acute with my dryer, I prfere for my ca ... esp electrik
the sound is good, but better when it is connected.


I play mostly acoustic, and I plugged into a Peavey 112 for the scene, and a POD 2.0 for recording. No complaints, the sound is like you want, you can direct the equalizer via the guitar, so good ...


This is the guitar I use most for all my acoustic sessions, because you can count on it. Takamine is a registered sure we like it or not, but frankly it's a safe bet,
and so less than a fender or gibson Acoustik !!!!!!