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alechat 12/17/2012

Takamine EN20 : alechat's user review

" Takamine EN 20 ... Guitar reference"

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Takamine EN20. made in Japan by Takamine

This model is no longer referenced.

Electro jumbo model Solid cedar, satin finish


When I played for the first time on this guitar, I found it difficult to play, but after a few adjustments and aging, it has proved to be an exceptional guitar.
This is a jumbo rather cumbersome but once found its position, it becomes very easy.

Originally, it was set too high and difficult Having made some adjustments and reduced action, it is revealed and offers a comfortable game, worthy of the greatest guitars ...


In the 20 aging very well .. She became my best acoustic guitar.

Tip: If you have one, do not sell there and keep it there because all the qualities of some expensive guitars ....

This is an exceptional guitar ..


There was a time when I wanted to sell there, just to gain a more famous but now out of the question and whatever the cost ...