Takamine ESF40C
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lukou 10/14/2005

Takamine ESF40C : lukou's user review


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Country Jumbo shape steel
Pan coupbr /> Table in Cedar
Eclises, mahogany neck and back
mcaniques oil bath dores

Pre-amp takamine

Shiny patent.

The finish is perfect. Do not look dedant. The glue between the drool a little wicker covers and back. It is on that we should not look at a Martin or Taylor cot because it would bring him plutt prejudice.


This will make ending for 10 years that owns and I love it. The action is low trs, Access in the highs are perfect. The shape steel jumbo country is enjoyable trs. I also have a dreadnought. It's totally DIFFERENT. The handle is gnial, round profile. A feeling of ice. Access in acute perfect.
Patina over time just the sound it seems!

Time also the bending shoe.


I play everything especially the fingers, not many heard mdiator. Good for the volume of a cot dreadnought, go your way. The sound is plutt medium, sharp enough low end but lack a bit of volume. We can not have everything for an instrument in this price range.

Electro sound is no more. I have not had the opportunity to try many and so difficult for me to get an ide.


I am satisfied with this guitar trs I use mainly for tuning spciaux second example. It is clear that it comes second from my other guitar that costs 4x more. The diffrence is impressive but hey it does not matter.

I highly recommend trying this guitar in its most recent version now because it is the dtour. She has something that is its charm.

For me the overall score is justified.