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Taylor 414ce LTD 2006
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philippel92 philippel92
Publié le 04/27/07 à 10:46
See site taylor


The handle is comfortable, easy access to acute.
The ergonomics are not bad. Between 000 and easily Casablance dreadnought super bulky.
The sound? well, very well even when the notes come out, I 'come back ...


Very versatile instrument, expression system very interesting.


I have kept three days. After patiently saved 2400 euros, I will happy to try and learn if it suits me, what a taylor 414, praised by all the press. Packaged, I buy it but it's only once at home, quietly testing it I realize that the F (13 th 6 string box, box 8 th string 5) st conspicuously absent. Beau sustain anywhere ... no fa, nerd have to learn the harmony ... I returned the next day to my little dealer. We see the problem together. It takes me the model and it receives another order the next day and lo and behold we realize that the F in this model was finally wiped out by taylor!! My dealer called representing Taylor who offers us a surprise appointment the next day at the shop for elucidation of the mystery! Unfortunately it did not come ... Disappointed, I have not kept. I will go to another brand (Maurice Dupont in order not to mention ...). All the more pity that I am extremely happy with my Baby Taylor ...