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ptitprince 10/13/2011

Taylor 814ce : ptitprince's user review

«  the K14CE, an exceptional guitar ... »

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Value For Money : Poor
So this is a Taylor (my second one after 310 purchased in 2002 and with which I really enjoyed myself). Taylor is the K14CE Koa, the famous Hawaiian wood when it comes back and sides. The table is made of spruce.
an exemplary finish with gold-plated mechanical!
Every detail, any inlay, varnish, all is perfection.


Handle extremely pleasant, a guitar that also surprises with its lightweight, compact appearance.
As with any taylor, there is no need to scratch like crazy to leave a powerful and accurate. Simply touch the strings to get his most enjoyable. This surprised me at the purchase of 310 .. must say that my previous one was not even a Yamaha 100 euros ... The shock could be having.


As soon as I start playing with this guitar, I do not want to stop ... sounds clear, precise, and know when to be friendly, felted (I had it more difficult to achieve with I 310).
The sounds are great with a pick, picking at ... I can only speak well! I am delighted, thrilled and still happy. Taylor thank you to musical instruments as enchanting.
I did not think I own gain as much as the sound of a range of taylor to another. The sound that comes from the KOA is just hauntingly beautiful.
I had the store was also very attracted by that of the 610.
This guitar can be plugged into an amp but I have not tested yet. I play mostly acoustic pure.


I use it for one month. I set out initially to buy a GS. She appeared at the store and as there was a wide range of taylor, I took my time and have tried them one by one. The 610 and 910 also particularly attracted me! And then I took the K14CE, and there, really, I thought, this is the guitar I want. I had not imagined the KOA so beautiful ... Like what, do not be limited to images that can be seen on the net. And this wood really gives a distinctive sound, very warm. It was everything I wanted.
A guitar very very high end. While the price is high but the passion is reasonable?
A tool that I recommend to all!

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