Yamaha AC3R
opmcf 10/28/2011

Yamaha AC3R : opmcf's user review

«  Excellent guitar electroacoustic »

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Made in China Factory Yamaha.
Guitar entirely massive Sitka spruce table, sides and back solid Indian rosewood, mahogany neck, mahogany fillet, rosette rosewood and mahogany.

The spruce top is perfectly quarter and has ripples (seen in raking light) that indicate a correct cutting wood. In short it is a quality table.

Format box says "concert" is a size slightly larger than the APX model and a bit smaller than the LJ model.

Has a cutaway for easy access to acute.

The handle is painted with the wood pores tactile, curious sensation at first, but ultimately it's nice to play. Silet width: 43mm

The body has a thickness between 100 and 120 mm.

The guitar has a piezo micro as a preamp and Silet SRT63 model, one that equips APX1000. This microphone preamp models 3 high quality and allows many settings.

Side finish is almost flawless, one small complaint about the quality of pickgard which seems a bit wavy in oblique light.


The handle is nice, as well as on the APX and LJ16.L access to sharp is easy with the cutaway, the guitar is 3.5kg and its compact size facilitates the meeting.
The sounds come out very easily.


In this acoustic guitar sounds very good with lots of harmonic sustain a large and well balanced sound. The sound is almost identical to that of the LJ16 with less bass and I would say a more powerful, more nervous. I do not know if this is the guitar itself which is partly due to the fact that the table is still green. It is likely that as it ages and enriched the sound tends to approach that of the LJ16. Moreover, since the four days that I played the sound has matured.
The fact that this guitar is completely solid wood gives the sound a wooded collors particularly pleasant (a feature that also has the LJ16).

In electroacoustic I have not done much testing, but the sound is excellent and the modeling of micro bluffing. It does not feel like playing with a piezo.


I've had four days.
Of course I compare it to the LJ16 I already own. It complements the one hand by providing more "nervous" in the audio response.
I have not tried this guitar before buying it, I trusted the brand that has never let me down ... and I'm not disappointed.
The value for money and correct.

Yes I do it again this choice with experience.