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Yamaha APX3A : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Spruce top, back, sides and neck nato, handle V, 22 frets, piezo pickup with active preamp YAMAHA; body small enough (I do not know the name of the "format").


I fell in love at first use! I find the handle (V) very nice, especially when playing in open chords. The cutaway is well done, because it does not clash with the physics of the guitar, and it allows very good access to acute, up to the last boxes. Its small size (it comes in a case of classical guitar) is also very significant (especially since I got it at 13, so I was not very large) and his body easily the wife of the musician.

At the:
In acoustics, the sound is pretty well balanced, it lacks a little low, but it's normal since the thickness of the body (about 7 cm).
Connected, it is useful to touch a little équalo preamp in order to address the lack of bass, personal, I also increased slightly to medium low for even more present, but then it is a matter taste. Setting AMF, which acts on the Medium is also very useful it looks to be setting parametric found regularly in équalos level medium.

Just one small problem: I have a slight hum regular parasite that must be due to reasons of weight, but maybe it's just a defect in my model.


I use this guitar mainly French song, and from time to time to Celtic music. It is often granted in Drop D or D to full open (DADGAD), and its ideal, it is very clear, precise.

In French music, I use it on an amp Ibanez TA-35, through a équalo, and a Boss ME-50 (and sometimes an overdrive). I act on my little aqualo pedal (I use it more for my electric), and as little on that of the amp: I prefer to have a good setting at the source (on guitar), especially that is quite possible on apx 3.
In trad, I use either acoustic or on any amp or DI on, and there really is a great way to have sound, with very few adjustments!

Anyway, the sound of an instrument is one that gives the musician by his game, and with a choice of pick, you can also change the sound completely. I use Dunlop Jazz III and I love the warm, slightly muffled as j'obtient!


I got this guitar at 13, so I use it for 5 years, and I do not get enough! I find it really versatile. With it, I pass the rock (yes!) To trad Celtic smoothly and it "resists" very good effects.
What I like about this guitar is probably the shape of its handle, so nice from the beginning, and its super clear and precise. I also like the look of nato, especially with the satin varnish.
I think this guitar has a very good price / quality ratio, I "at the time" bought at € 400 and really, I do not regret it.
I would do without hesitation that choice (besides, I reflected on the model 12-string APX Series)