Yamaha CPX5
Yamaha CPX5

CPX5, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Yamaha in the CPX series.

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queenofadown 01/08/2006

Yamaha CPX5 : queenofadown's user review


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Yamaha CPX-5 acoustic-electric guitar.
Mine is black, but it is also available in Sunburst.
Piezo pickup.
The neck is pretty thick, but it's comfortable to play, it slides well. The settings of the preamp are easily readable and you can easily get the sound you want.


The original strings are hard and quite aggressive, so you need a good barre chord technique and a strong right hand. Access to the upper frets seems all right, but that's not the main use of this guitar (a more versatile string gauge will improve this aspect).
Ever since I put my hands on it and started playing, I knew this was the guitar I was looking for. It is sublime in black, and the cream bindings make you think of a Les Paul: The thickness of the neck, the overall form of the guitar and even the headstock make you feel that you are playing the mythical Gibson. Its weight is OK and its design suits me perfectly.


The sound! That's what makes this guitar stand out from the rest. All acoustic-electrics that I had tried sounded pretty bad unplugged and you really had to listen carefully to feel the warmth of the melody. I started by trying this Yamaha unplugged, since I wanted to replace my classical guitar and, just in case, have an electric option for live. The sound is warm, deep, which is exceptional at this price point. Amplified with an amp conceived for this use, the sound is even better. The anti-feedback button, which the seller told me about, is really effective. Be sure to unplug it after playing because the battery discharges all the same.


I've been using this guitar for six months and I am more than satisfied with it.
I love its sound and elegance.
It has a very reasonable price for its quality. Its a really good deal. I play lots of styles, jazz most often, even if the original strings aren't ideal for that. The guitar is easy to play.
I would buy it again without hesitation, even if it costs $200 more.
Musically yours!