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wesbes 09/12/2006

AER Domino : wesbes's user review


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Transistor amplifier 100w (and that's not classy)
the rear
rec out in stereo rca, rca to in in stereo, phones, tuner, left out, right out, insert, line out, DI out pin format, send, return, footswitch effect, mute footswitch 1 / 2, footswitchmute 3 / 4 . ...... Just a !!!!!!!
4 channels between
the many possibilities .... 3 or 4 jacks or XLR jacks 1 2 2 xlr jack
the XLR has a 48v power supply (not 24)
volume knob to return one for effect February 1 prmaster
each channel has a mute button and a button outline (an equalization for acoustic instrumentals), they also have an SETTING THE bass middle and treble efficace.chaque between a gr while the gain by a master final.
more available and delay reveb example, one rule and a reverb depth rule then we shuffled on each channel between the nature and effect of 100% dry 100% wet is the top, my singer more reverb that my guitar and my rhythm box does not.


Simple configuration
dja the sound is no need to look twelve o'clock 14h.
remarkably enough power and sound quality does not change when you play several eg two guitars + drum machine or voice + guitar + drum machine + violin. We hear all these people sparment
I have several plans jou 4tet jazz (and outside) with a guitar and a jazz saxophonist branch above: we have buried the drummer and the silent sound of good quality trs .
Light manual (Tlcharger)


It should trs's my style of music. pop, jazz, bossa.
jazz guitar, folk guitar, classical guitar with micro Schertler (sound ouf!)
trs be well for all clean sounds and voices and acoustic ..
trs sounds go well saturated with such a pod


This now makes it more than two years that I have.
I love everything about it is very well made and solid trs Excellent choice of matrial.
. I did not find any APRS two years the knobs do not spit, nothing is silent as if new.
yes I tried a lot of amp as aer, little roland AC60 ...
Excellent report quality money. the hardware for pro affordable.
exprience I would do with this choice, the amp weighs 11 or 12 kg a very practical grip it dlivre 100w.trs solid, well Designed trs, trs powerful , trs good sound, IDAL compact.le companion accessories of private restaurants and even more powerful because it is rev ...
if you see a hand go for it because they are rarely sold secondhand trs (a sign of satisfaction and good quality ..)