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Laney LA30C
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daoudax daoudax
Publié le 01/10/08 à 12:47
Very nice little amp, 30 watt transistor.
Personally, I have LA30 acoustic version (not LA30C), that is to say that there is no reverb or chorus, but instead of that, it has an insert (you can put the effect you want).
Other than that, it has a mic input XLR, RCA Input Tape / CD inputs and two guitars (active and passive) which is not bad for a small amp of this size!
It also has an equalizer with 2 knobs (bass and treble) + two knobs "paramid" a "frequency" of 100 Hz to 1 kHz and another level. This must be a kind of "notch" in the middle frequencies, just to avoid feedback (I have not really tested)
He still has a line out output and on / off switch.
So comprehensive, shame about the lack of reverb. Only reason for him to September 1


Very easy to use, the equalizers are efficient, I was not in possession of the manual (buy used) I use a reverb effect in rack insert, and it rolls. Well, it's more cumbersome than if the effects were integrated.
As I said above, I have not tested what I assume to be a kind of notch, as I have it on my guitar preamp and it works very well.


So the sound is fairly accurate, although if you turn the knobs, you will find a lot of variants (logic ;-) All afternoon, it's pretty "round", but with sweet treble too slammin (question of taste, I reduce the treble a bit and I love that sound!)
His little 30 watt make it very useful for home, home studio, maybe a small cafe, but probably no more.


I did that for a month or so, it's a great little device to stay at home, but I would look for another more powerful solution for small gigs, with built-in effects to avoid congestion an external effects rack.
Can also be very suitable as a return. The sound is impeccable if you do not go beyond the knob to 3 hours (which is not bad). Anyway, to stay home, I should never put it as loud.
It is worth its price, no problem.
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