No 02/12/2005

Godin ACS Nylon : No's user review


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Made in the United States, beautiful finish.

Volume 3 band EQ + + obviously very sensitive, MIDI settings

Manufacturer for information specific details ..


Acute very accessible neck fantastic! Thickness and width perfect for my taste, and with all nylon strings and a light weight to play UNTIL the end of the night!

Its very easy to adjust, and I still insist on comfort PERFECT!


So of course, is gorgeous, pure and beautiful, but it's not going for everything.

TPSII plugged in, I got a beautiful sound as we imagine a beautiful guitar sound to be ... To my taste, it lacks a bit of shine and when you go up the treble, it can saturate fast enough. But hey, if you want the powerful, it takes an electro-acoustic steel string!

In this regard, with the Godin strings more sizzle, the record clear and warm ...!


OK, I just (finally!) Have it.

For the moment, so it corresponds to what I wanted, after 2 hours, obviously I buy it back 10 times. Especially since I got it new for € 850 Hot!

I tried a few other nylons, but I do not compare because it was not in the same range.

She is beautiful in an amp (I tried it on another little dream of the moment, AER60 ..), top studio and the more it will make my violin and so much more realistic MIDI!!

+ + + + I love it!