MGR/ShadowWalker 01/07/2004

Ibanez GA5TCE : MGR/ShadowWalker's user review

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I acquired this guitar from a local store for $279 + tax; Received a few extras including lessons (You can never learn enough!). This seems to be a fairly typical price but when you add in the extras it was a very good price.

The thin body has an excellent feel for someone coming from an electric. The neck is very playable. The sound unplugged, while not as full as a full body guitar perhaps, is loud and clear. Plugged in it sounds decent, but I haven't really experimented much with that aspect.

The one thing I don't like about it is easily fixed - as a "classical" guitar it has no strap pegs. Bah!

The one I bought is pretty solid, there were no construction flaws that I could see.

It seems as though it might not withstand alot of abuse (it's very lightweight), but who'd want to abuse such a beautiful guitar? =). I'd really rather not test this out!

I played through several acoustic-electrics searching for "The One" -- Of those I played this felt the best and sounded good too. The price was excellent of course.

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