Ovation 1773AX-4
Ovation 1773AX-4

1773AX-4, Acoustic-electric nylon string guitar from Ovation in the Classic series.

Linn Sondek 04/07/2014

Ovation 1773AX-4 : Linn Sondek's user review

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Korean manufacturing.
Nylon string guitar with the OP Pro preamp.


The handle is a delight, especially as the action is very low: the game is easier.


Sublime sound when the guitar is plugged in, great pure acoustic.
Homogeneity stamps and frequencies.


I have owned several Ovation guitars in the late '70s and the first half of the 80s: A Balladeer, a Country Artist and Legend. All three were U.S. models.
I've always regretted having sold the guitars and especially Country Artist. When I decided to buy a nylon string acoustic, it is natural that I went to Ovation and there I found that apart from Adamas and two or three models (Signature and Limited Edition), all guitars were made in Korea now. As a result, prices have dropped significantly!
What about quality, then? Well, I must say it is still there: the sound is exactly what I was looking for and I kept in memory. Perfectly defined, incredibly consistent on different registers, accurate and sweet at the same time with this feature roundness of midrange and bass.
But not surprising since the materials used are identical to those of the 1173LX points, so the U.S. model. A Solid Cedar AAA, it is glued to the USA and Korea, will always excellent; an ebony fingerboard on a handle, is mounted in the U.S. or Korea, always give a wonderful feel and sound that both round and well defined. This 1773AX Classic is absolutely the level of late U.S. model but it costs exactly half the price!
The woods are beautiful: the grain of solid cedar has a regularity and density reassures on quality and ebony key is magnificent. Finally, I found this disconcerting ease of play for all Ovation: whatever the model, the handle is a dream and provides extreme comfort. This Classic is very easy to play. The OP-Pro preamp is perfect.
Note that I had to immediately change the strings as Sol, Si and Mi really not sounded; probably the guitar was it in stock for a long time. Or Daddario strings are not the best choice. And once a game Augustine Imperial gold mounted, what sounds!
A beautiful guitar at a truly affordable price.