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footix_guitarix 04/22/2003

Yamaha APX5NA : footix_guitarix's user review


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Table, wicker covers, plywood back ...
Channel TRS end, weird for a classic.


The neck is VERY enjoyable, I must say that it is quite surprising to have a handle on one end as standard.
Access in acute trs is good.
The pre-amp is - is correct, efficient.


In fact the problem of this guitar is the sound it a.
Low, there is none, the mdiums do not look like much (sounds a bit a tin can), and treble not top.
This guitar does not sustain.
Yamaha should have the plastic design, it coterait cheaper and would have the same sound ...
A disaster!


I've had three months.
I bought it only because a friend was selling the 300 euros in very good state, I tried to think happen in acoustic draw something on a sound system. The challenge silent a little too hard up, I have to dig mdiums thoroughly, add a lot of bass, but hey, does not break a chair while the bars a. ..
For the price, I have no regrets, even when the interface is good trs (neck especially) but the sound ... Hard drive ...
Yamaha unfortunately do not wonder ... particularly with respect APX5 The series, it sounds like in folk, a technician at the music-a total pass to the test, stopping the need to work in total Ricard-music ...