Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand
Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand

Model B Baby Grand, Acoustic Piano from Mason & Hamlin.

moosers 01/10/2011

Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand : moosers's user review


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The Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand is a beautiful acoustic piano that I've got experience with in a few different settings. One of my best friends has this piano at their house, where we've used it for recording as well as just for messing around, writing, and practicing. It's been a few years since I recorded with it, but pretty much every time I'm over there I'm playing with it. The piano has a standard make up as far as I know in terms of it's characteristics, and is definitely a nice size and can full up a living room pretty easily. The piano has a beautiful feel and is extremely easy to play as it really feels as smooth as it can be. The sound is full and nothing short of beautiful. It's definitely a high end baby grand, and although Mason & Hamlin isn't a household name, they've been making pianos for over a hundred years and certainly know what they're doing. Beyond the feel and the incredible sound of the Model B Baby Grand, it also looks beautiful, with the particular model that I've used being of a maroon sort of color. I don't know how these pianos have changed throughout the years, but the one I've used is definitely at least a few decades old, although they're still making this piano as well as a number of others that they've been making throughout the years. The Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand is best suited for homes or studios where you're looking for a top tier piano and not just as a piece of furniture. They're reasonably priced as far as I can tell, but as with any top end piano, it won't be cheap. If you're in the market for a beautiful baby grand piano, Mason & Hamlin's Model B would be a great choice.