Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m
Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m

Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m, Acoustic Piano from Wendl & Lung.

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muscoll 01/15/2012

Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m : muscoll's user review

" Much ado about nothing!"

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Note that I do not have this instrument, but I applied myself to try it many times.

Initially, the Chinese brand advertising that attracted me.
Were we able to offer us for the price of a good upright piano, a fourth level of the tail of a Steinway, Bechstein or other?
To read some opinions and views of some awards, it was done ...
What exactly?

We are in front of a piano that looks good, and I have always found properly granted: this seems to corroborate certain advertisements.
The keyboard, you start to become disillusioned: mechanics seems very vague, and shows weakness for repetition.
In terms of power, nothing to say, the piano sounds. Yes, but we expect a 1 / 4 tail extended possibilities in terms of sound palette.
This is not the case, the tone is flat, without depth.
Consequently, nuances are difficult to obtain, and it remains in a hollow world.

To summarize, we are dealing with an instrument of low level, which is quite the prize.
This is not a criticism by the way, but when we read the glowing reviews of some, we say that the deception is not far.