Wendl & Lung Vienne 1/4 1,61m
Wendl & Lung Vienne 1/4 1,61m

Vienne 1/4 1,61m, Acoustic Piano from Wendl & Lung.

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Wendl & Lung Vienne 1/4 1,61m : Anonymous 's user review


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Lari as the previous poster, I had the opportunity to test in-store (at length) the fourth tail.
Frankly, I find the previous review very severe.
Should not be messing around and have to compare what is comparable!! Yes, definitely the Wendl is less than a Steinway ...
However I was pleasantly surprised: the sound is sweet and balanced, the keyboard is very nice, neither too soft nor too hard and well responsive. The piano lacks a little power compared to a Yamaha C3 (but 3 times less) or a Bechtein (but 4 times less!). At no time have I had the impression of playing on a Chinese junk low end, but rather on a piano with a very "European" and very pleasant. I remember having tried the Yamaha or Kawai, which did not sound better (and even worse with its often a bit sharp and aggressive as can be found on the Asian pianos)
The real question is whether to 8000 euros, it is better to buy a good upright piano (which costs 15,000 euros rather elsewhere ...). Must see and try, but I found that the Wendl was a beautiful instrument with a value for money simply amazing.
Basically, go try it and you made your opinion!