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moosers 04/30/2010

Yamaha C7 : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha C7 is an acoustic grand piano that I have recorded in a professional recording studio environment. Yamaha is the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world, and they've got over a hundred years of experience when it comes to making pianos, as that as what they started off doing. They have undoubtedly perfected their craft, as they have a very impressive line of acoustic grand pianos, in addition of course to their vast array of other instruments. The C7 in particular is a very impressive instrument. It's got everything you'd look for in an acoustic piano - a great feel and of course a monster sound. The C7 could fill up sound in pretty much any room that you put it in I think. Of course I've only used it in one place as it isn't exactly easy to move something like this, nor would I ever need to! Recording the Yamaha C7 in a large room with high ceilings yielded some really incredible sounds. I mic'd the piano with two Neumann U87s as well as Blue Mouses for room microphones. This was pretty much the standard set up at the studio where I recorded it, so I figured there was no reason to mess with the formula. Learning how a room sounds and the best ways to capture sound in the room can take a long time, so usually if I'm in a new studio I'll ask about some tried and true techniques. While I wasn't the player on the session, I did get a chance to play the piano for a little bit. While I'm primarily not a keyboard player, I have played a ton of keyboards out there and I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what a good feel is on a piano. Trust me when I say that the Yamaha C7 has an impeccable feel! It's just the type of piano that draws you in and makes you want to be playing it at all times! The sound of the C7 is just as impressive, as it has an incredibly full sound that would be impossible to emulate with anything other than a grand piano. Anyone who is looking seriously into buying an acoustic grand piano like the C7 knows that they will cost a good amount, but as far as getting bang for your buck in a piano, Yamaha is the way to go. The C7 isn't their most affordable model, but in the Yamaha C7 you're getting a piano that will undoubtedly last a lifetime...