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Accordeur-Bruxelles 11/11/2008

Yamaha Eterna : Accordeur-Bruxelles's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Yamaha Eterna piano is part of the range Yamaha.
Ideal for beginners because of the reliability of the mechanics.
Good qualitprix,
In terms of the agreement, do not expect a precision as you might require on pianos so-called "interpretations in".
Yamaha Eterna: Instrument not too bulky, sometimes a little mtallique, because of the short length of rope from the point of striking hammers and height and depth of the restricted fund rsonnance.
In some cases, harmonization s'avre ncessaire, especially if the volume of the play is important, and they called the pice is dpourvue of sound-absorbing coatings for carpets, curtains etc. .
Leave a space between the wall and the rear of the piano, o is the soundboard.
Sometimes, put insulating foam at the soundboard in order to stifle the effect of slamming.
As a reminder, all pianos can be adapted your settings and sound in relation to that reoivent pice.
Often you hear a piano in a shop, you'll like the patch, but once you got home, the tone will seem Different.
No inquitudes, one can remdier through harmonization to adapt homogne fawn all hammers volume and coatings to the place where you will place .
If, instead, the sound you parat too soft, felt hammers can be made harder by using a hot iron. As a result, all that "slap" will be reworked with a spade hammers.
Call the technician agr by the house that sold you the piano, it must be qualified in the Contents.
Soon, and thank you!

Alain de Rhode,
Piano Tuner & Technician.