Behringer Super-X Pro CX3400
Behringer Super-X Pro CX3400

Super-X Pro CX3400, Active Filter from Behringer.

Ghhhh 07/30/2005

Behringer Super-X Pro CX3400 : Ghhhh's user review


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Crossover 2 inputs and 6 outputs.
3-way filter with the possibility to combine the sub output on a common output for both channels
input-output XLR3 symtriques
limiter level (but which poses problem)
time limit on the low pass (no need, just the possibility of interference, CRER)

Enormment buttons, lights and annotations

Unnecessarily complicated buttons so you can never be sure not to tromp s'tre.

When the excess goes into service, its 'POC' is clearly audible and this time the membranes of my HP dplacent dangereusemment (whereas the aim should be to being protected)! Then there is a silence of several seconds before the sound is back!

As I said dj, limiters are a disaster. Better not to use them.
The delay is completely useless! This shook the source of interference, DGRAD.
Do not use either!

I recommend instead the CX2310 from the same brand. For technicians who have mastered, there is the DCX2496 to properly gre ncssaire all, good and proper.

I bought a DCX3400 there are about 2 years. It is like new ... I do not use it. This is a purchase that I regret!
Too many gadget. Too many buttons. Over-subscribed. Tmoins too. Too CHSE vrifier before being sure not to break the HP that dpendent!