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Win ADAM F5 / F7 monitors

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ADAM Audio F5
News ADAM Audio F5

Active Monitor from ADAM Audio belonging to the F series

ADAM launches a contest for studios and home studio owners who wish to add or change their monitors with ADAM F5 or F7 Special Edition models.

Participants are invited to take a picture of the place where a pair of ADAM F5 or F7 powered monitors would fit best, using a printed picture of the monitors available on the ADAM website, a drawing or any creative material.

Then send your picture to fseries@adam-audio.com. ADAM will pick the most creative results and the winners will receive a pair of F5 or F7 Special Edition (one pair of each model per month, the contest runs in November and December).

You can participate in both November (send your picture until the 30th) and December (send your picture between December 1st and 31st) sessions.

Details of the contest are available at adam-audio.org


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