S3X-V, Active Monitor from ADAM in the S series.

metal_duc 03/13/2012

ADAM S3X-V : metal_duc's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I had the Genelec 8040 and I wanted to change monitors, for 3-way and a little more power. I connected using a Motu 896 MKII and an SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2.
I have used them to make some mixes, but now I use a listening for any major (CD, Vinyl, DVD, Bluray).


Regarding sound, is bluffing.
Highs are most accurate, is not immediately that this is the 3-way with his eyes shut, so the ways and instruments are clear. The voices are very precise, it is surprising they stand out very clearly the instruments well separated, none of the other crashes or spilling over. The bass is very round and super defined and do not drool, I do not feel the need for a subwoofer for now, "enormous" boomer 9 "are done working!
To compare, I listened with 8040 was more like the porridge (I sold so the difference was huge).
Their precision is surgical, a bad mix really sounds horribly wrong on these speakers, the smallest default means they do not forgive anything!
The stereo is awesome, no complaints, if you close your eyes the group is ahead of us to play! It's really nice to listen to a CD or vinyl on these speakers, have rediscovered many things through them. They are very accurate at low volume, and are very powerful and can be bet in a big room.
I just want to report a problem on the first series with the bass reflex ports that was when I heard a low or a walk alone battery shock noise coming from the vents (a kind of vibration really annoying). The problem does not appear when I listened to an entire mix. Problem confirmed by ADAM Audio on some models (one of my speakers made more noise than the other) and a total coverage of the problem by ADAM Audio (sends a carrier, changing vents that does not change the characteristics enclosures, testing enclosures and returns, all in 15 days (normal at this price you might say, but I wanted to say). vents were changed on their production line since August 2011. ADAM Contact in doubt with the serial number they will tell you if your speakers are concerned.


I have had them for 1 year and 3 months, I tested the KRK's and Genelec Focal prior to the acquisition of ADAM Audio S3X-V and there's no photo, ADAM has an enclosure made of high quality.
Given all the quality available to them (I admit I did not really find fault with his pregnant, the problem may be vents but is fixed now), the S3X-V have a great value for money in my eyes, I really appreciate what I do every time I listen to these speakers and I would do this without the shadow of a doubt!