Alesis M1Active MKII
Alesis M1Active MKII

M1Active MKII, Active Monitor from Alesis in the M1 series.

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Seb37000 03/18/2004

Alesis M1Active MKII : Seb37000's user review


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Powered speakers, the response curve is up to 38 Hz at the bottom and the departing aspet made "serious and qualitquot,.

What use? Departing for the studio ....


Curve frequency drives is it sufficiently neutral?
Well, no, well lprobleme EST. It descends to the bottom, yes but cest has a soft and a lack of precision. For mdiums, eh what mdiums? For the upper spectrum was going, and APRS cest enough prcis 8:00 EST dcoute not too tiring.
Filing stro? ouis was going
Dynamics? Bof.


I have consumed used for 3 weeks.
Particularity that jaime most: the small blue Lumire
The least? sound
Well qualitprix the report, its a bit difficult because
the price is what else, but hey, who has achte to the mix,
and bin it goes in front of sacred surprise. For cons for hi-fi speakers
They are nice plutt.