ASA Baby Active
ASA Baby Active

Baby Active, Active Monitor from ASA.

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Izok 09/07/2006

ASA Baby Active : Izok's user review


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- What characteristics have motivated your choice?

Well those are my ears that motivated my choice! (Not fads;))
I was looking for something to replace it 6 months my monitor system. And wandering in the living room
the AES in Paris, I fall on it. I put my test CD and there ... enlightenment!
Given the listening conditions: a completely open stand (din), a pair of supporting feet and that's it, I am stuck!
I still check that the line is direct (CD -> Cable -> ASA) (you never know)
This is the case. A home equity loan and voila!

- For what purpose?

Use: Mix / taken.

- What amp / What configuration? ...

The Baby is the association, I believe the ASA (therefore) and Gemincore amplifier (receiver part), which creates this active system.


- The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?
It is very good. Hence the emergence of surprising details that confirm the headphones (HD580) or the biggest monitor system. We are rediscovering many titles as well;).

- The stereo image is good?
Phase is excellent. It was important for me.
The transients are fabulous! And holding in the low is surprising. (Amp = 150w/8ohms and holds the 1000w in Crete, it must be for something ...)!


What I like about them, their wide frequency spectrum, phase ultra precise and transitory evil!
Monitoring is still a matter triggering passions.
I have tried just about everything in this range (Focal, Adam, NHT, Dynaudio ..., (A2T is a special case, we find the analytical side but without the transient low-frequency)).
No, I do not denigrate these brands, however, each has its personality listens and everyone has his preferences, habits, but I just want to say that I took such a slam by listening to the baby active than ASA .. .

I put 9 / 10 because the system still has a cost, but it is essential to listen because they are really worth!
In the future, I shall be well with a 5.1