Divatech MB17B
Divatech MB17B

MB17B, Active Monitor from Divatech.

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Ozzi 05/25/2006

Divatech MB17B : Ozzi's user review


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In home studio, with a 24-bit sound card, a Samson servo and many POUM! POUM!
What motivated my choice? A teeth-rage a month of August in Panama, and my scrntch prout slamming. I run to a store in the Republic of audiophile bld Beaumarchais, and then he closed the man to go on vaccances, and I wanted the speakers proximity emergency (not a dentist). From the pot he was willing to wait REFACE the way to bring a few CDs while he sat in the prod auditaurium (store name) ... And then wow! ...


... And then:
-Saturday Night ZHANEun miracle across the spectrum, in order to end up with the singers in the studio manages.
Walking Wounded, with a EVRYTHIG TH GIRL BUT I discovered that media meant.
no bass trolling a nètetée to hear two Quarck to rub in short, the High Tech! ETC ... If the room is good, and the amp is strong behind them are all-Remarc completely neutral to rival the DYNAUDIO ... Here's it going?


Unfortunately, I separated from my MB17 few years ago, and now it seems we are no longer produced. They were passive speakers but at the time the manufacturer had the option to create amplification in the back of the box.
What about evil on these speakers? nothing, because with a good amp "servo" they had an all-are quite unconventional for the time. In fact they were still estempillées "FOCAL", and yes, as was a branch of Divatech FOCAL large manufacturer based in St. Etienne, BUT YES!
What about Boomer? a bomb with a membrane sandwitch of microbeads, a concept PREMIUM FRENCH, advanced technology and a new patent application that I would not it have been copied for ADAM2.5 to do ...?
If it still has a good studio amp, it instantly and absolutely worth the cost in OCCAZ.
I'll add that HP always some team games to € 20,000 + of the pair in FOCAL.
Only trouble: the gray paint boxes hyper sensitive.
Here, it's longntemps it stood at heart to ask an opinion on this French product on the rocks. It's done.