Edifier HCS2330   C2+
Edifier HCS2330 C2+

HCS2330 C2+, Active Monitor from Edifier.

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romrom78 09/22/2013

Edifier HCS2330 C2+ : romrom78's user review

«  HCS2330 Edifier C2 + or how to transform your pc HIFI »

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Pregnant plugger an old pc for listening space (living room).


I discovered this model in educating me on the net, and the unanimity of opinion on different sites I got risky and I must say that I am completely amazed by the sound reproduction.

I had before 2.1 Altec Lansing speakers, and I must say that the sound has nothing to do!

With this model, I really feel that they have transformed my old pc Hifi. The sound is clear and rich.
To be honest, I thought saw the rendering of my old speakers that I had to acoustically treat my room (in this case, a room) to specify the sound of my pc and this model proves that good speakers needed! At least to some extent ... because the record is unrivaled in terms of quality to the model that I had previously.


I've only been yesterday, and since I re listened to old records like Pink Floyd or Brel, and newer ... short, I do not regret my choice. This is great!

The overall sound is balanced and detailed! This is exactly what I expected with my purchase.