ESI nEar 05
ESI nEar 05

nEar 05, Active Monitor from ESI.

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tropezsky 10/07/2003

ESI nEar 05 : tropezsky's user review


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I use them as speakers nearby, and as limited in volume (neighborhood), I apprci the fact what are effective immediately, which is not the case for all .. .
A report quality price simply maddening, but I heard a better price from two to three times.


I would say it is lgrement flattering, and they are a bit light in bass which is not surprising given their volume. Techno fans here must prvoir a bass.
Stereo image is good trs.
The sound is clear trs, but I can say that after comparison with other speakers (much Chres)
they lack a bit of DEFINITIONS.
However impressive dynamics.


Ending for 5 months of use.
I love the sound quality even low volume, the volume buttons against the rear ... so I RULES once and APRS .. the table
APRs have cost a lot of powered speakers are not my forcment prfres, but at prices they report quality are simply unbeatable for now.
I must say that when the price T announced j'tais trs me skeptical and I have a cost appriorit trsngatif and yet ... I am left with
As I would not win the lottery is this choice that I would do!