ESI nEar05 eXperience
ESI nEar05 eXperience

nEar05 eXperience, Active Monitor from ESI.

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Darking Rush 10/06/2006

ESI nEar05 eXperience : Darking Rush's user review


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I took them for their value, for the production of electro, and simply listening on my pc.
Small problem at the left speaker at the launch she pulls out a wicked fart but it did seem to calm down.
Predict the arms not too dry, you may be surprised by their size / weight, at least for me: p


Well it's my first speaker worthy of the name so I do not know if I'll be very objective, but the stereo is top, even the sound is rather low light, poor mp3 stand all their fault: p


I use them for two days, there may be better but at the price (even if not so pathetic ...), not sure!
just worry about the left speaker, I'll let you know if there is problem.
The sound is top.