Eve Audio SC307
Eve Audio SC307

SC307, Active Monitor from Eve Audio in the SilverCone series.

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StudioB le chalet 02/20/2014

Eve Audio SC307 : StudioB le chalet's user review

« Truly pro .. »

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I was looking for a an affordable 3-way system for mixing and mastering.
I've had them in my studio for two days and I already have a very good impression.


The stereo image is very wide, much more so than on my Focal solo6 (which is normal, considering they are 3-way), the dynamic response is impressive, the ribbon tweeter is smoother than Adam's but very precise, with a great response in the lows. With the 307, you can do without a sub. The DSP system might be useful in rooms that haven't been acoustically treated, but I left everything flat for my tests.


Two days is not enough to make oneself an accurate idea, but I'll update my review soon, although they most probably end up replacing my solo6. The SC307 are truly high-end due to their design and, especially, their sound.
Try them out if you have the chance. By the way, the entire EVE Audio range seems pretty good and an interesting value for money.