OBS 1, Active Monitor from FAR.

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darkpulse 02/06/2004

FAR OBS 1 : darkpulse's user review


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These are the manufacturers CHARACTERISTICS: Type:
Active Monitors 2-way.
Electromagntique shield.
Mdium amp: 80 watts.
Rponse in Frquence: 60 Hz 22 kHz.
Level Max SPL (Peak): 112 dB.
Jack 6.35.

I intended to use a cost of prximit to compose and mix of psychedelic trance.

Advantages: volume buttons in faade, so they are directly connected my sound card, bypassing my table (which can dodge a source of distortion)
acute settings buttons and also with low 0 +1 +2 dB for both
The size is relatively small, so compact mini!
the finish is superb, the Contents compress plastic (?) used for the casing seems strong. One point for pregnant ngatif this price, prsence tiny pieces of plastic around the LED shows that the finish could have been a bit better ... we will not quibble too much either. Compared to competitors, they are not bi amplified, I personally do not see the difference. Note, however, announcement is the power of 80W RMS .... but in 4 Ohm so divide by two (I think) to have the real power into 8 Ohm. But the size of my studio, has more than enough! The volume knob has not yet Exceeds half of its stroke (gnral I leave at 1 / 3 of its travel)

Another dsavantage: the doc a little light ... 4 pages doc and c all .... Fortunately, the website is exclent and offers a FAQ on technical issues: how to put your speakers, set the stage, calculate the reverb of the pice etc ...



Curve frequency drives: it was precisely that I have chosen these small speakers: the neutrality of the curve rponse 60 22 000 Hz
The bass is the well despite the small size, of course we should not expect miracles from a 14 cm woofer, but the result is l. It's pretty impressive. The low mids are Submitted, perhaps not quite put forward, but c trs trs light, and remains my personal opinion. The high mids and treble are l. TRs restitus well, the highs are beautiful. Neither mtalliques or absent, restitution is sharp and acute prsice, what we ask him to be.
The stereo image: my speakers are positioned horizontally, the tweeter at ear level ext ... and the stereo image is superb: it is known o placed its effects. Although the use of a headphone is best for panning, but for a prepanning for chorus etc is gnial!

His prcis? Yeah, as I explained above: loses a little precision in infrabass (<80 Hz) but we want them too, c bcp prcis more than Alesis MK2 example in the lower (even if they are less emphasized, was drooling less). The rest of the spectrum is the most accurate, most surprising is the acute: Acute these speakers are worth the most Chres the market (as well on precision, not power).

The dynamics are excellent: these speakers are meant to be analytical, the lower amplitude map is retransmitted wonder: Choppin example of the means netement defects due MP3 compression (though in 256 Kbs) I finally understood why the MP3 n&#39;tait not so a!

Last point: the cost does not provide any ear fatigue, even after hours mix, it wants more ....

Finally on the sound, I would say that these speakers mritent a good 7 / 10. Why seven and not more?
For the lack of bass below 60 Hz I must admit. But the price (720 euros) we can not expect miracles. My solution a box, I inquired about the price eds boxes of the brand, the first is 1100 euros ... So it will wait a bit. C damage, a box would be a small libr boomers for mediums which would have to increase precision
So I connected a 200W passive subwoofer + amp in another outlet for my card, and the miracle! His wins in the depth, clarity at all! One has the impression of having Genelec 1031 in front of you (in more neutral cepandant!) It&#39;s beautiful. I can not imagine what must give the cell chamber FAR AUDIO ...


Before choosing this model, I tried one package: Behringer Truth 1021 (bcp and not too flattering in their ralistes curve rponse) Alesis MK2 (bcp too much bass, no mids), Fostex PM1 (curve ok with slight bump in the mids a bit embarrassing), M audio BX8 (no bass, treble tiring) Yamaha MSP5 (not bad, but lack low cruel, unsuitable my style of music). And then some more Chres: Genelec 1029, 1030, 1032, KRK V4, V6, Mackie HR624. Finally, the image of the spectrum is close to Genelec 1030 with less bass of course.

I have for over a week and I&#39;m delighted with my choice. Certainly it is a bit more expensive than what I wanted to put beginners (720 against 550 for fostex pm1), but it&#39;s much better, I win on every point: precision, dynamic, neutrality etc ... except for power, a little small it&#39;s true ...
Report quality price level, they mritent their 9 / 10, the price the I really do not hear better! Why not 10? becaufe perfection is not of this world ...

So overall Notice 8 / 10, is a choice that I reffer without any hsitation for that price l. Now, for the price of housing more speakers (almost 2000 euros in total) must see .... but the more it too my area