Fostex PM0.4
Fostex PM0.4

PM0.4, Active Monitor from Fostex in the PM series.

TheJeff666 02/19/2013

Fostex PM0.4 : TheJeff666's user review

«  a very good tool »

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Value For Money : Excellent
plays of active bi-amplified near 2 x 18 w, vent at the front, and volume switch on the back (it sucks ...), no corrections tone. product very well finished, solid and attractive (I have white).
Use in home studio.
What motivated my choice is the price and the positive feedback from users. My home studio is located in my apartment and its location in a corner of a room, because the acoustics of my room is deplorable. I work mainly with headphones listening to me and these are at the end of the process to correct and complete mixes. therefore unnecessary to put a pair of focal or genelec ...


Attention, such as eavesdropping or pregnant, they take some time before running to give the best of themselves. Given my use, it took almost one year they are properly lapped. but since it is a real pleasure, and above all a very good tool.
The stereo image is very good, the sound is sufficiently clear and precise to work correctly his mixes. the frequency curve is relatively neutral, on the other hand there is nothing below 50hz but the low frequency output by these speakers is very accurate and nervous, the dynamics is excellent. well for most mix, on the other hand, for electro or dubstep, it will take a box or another pair of plays with an 8 inch at minimum.
A significant detail, they are not at all tiring after a long work session, and sound as good at low or high volume.


I am very satisfied with these little plays that are very good at their job, the value for money is excellent because it is a real tool. I was even pleasantly surprised finished running, I did not expect such quality for 200 €.
I worked in a lot of studios pros with a wide range of different plays. Given the constraints that are mine, a local acoustic deplorable, it is perfect for my use.
I have to move soon and I will put a piece in my home studio, and this time, I could work the room acoustics. It goes without saying that I intend to put on a pair of plays consistent with the installation, probably Focal. on the other hand I do not separate myself from my fostex surely will find their place in this future project, always have several listenings references.