Genelec 1030A
Genelec 1030A

1030A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 1000 series.

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Q_ 12/21/2002

Genelec 1030A : Q_'s user review


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CHARACTERISTICS say anything about the product. Trs is good. Good manufacturing. Soignes pregnant. This is a REFERENCE


I t of these extremely pregnant. I wanted to buy some monitors in this budget, and almost everyone o, said, take the Genelec, there is no better.

Yes, a ring with beautiful trails squence, rhythm boxes, then o trs own minimalist recordings ...

But then we move ds to rock music a bit o charges, the brothel intgral in the bass. We understand that nothing is happening. The sound is not francs, large bass are Submitted, but the very bad at all. This is probably the mode, but I really not at all costs AIM.

So I had to fight with vendors to explain that, even if it is a REFERENCE, these speakers do not please me at all.

I finally took a pair of KRK V6, against the advice gnral almost (apart from a few sellers who have better taste, or simply are not afraid of not being in agreement with mass), and I'm glad trs. It is a thousand times better, the bass is not strong trs, but frankly Dfine well, in short, we can work with the plaisr total.

Y is there any other people who think that these monitors are infected in the grave?


These speakers are Chres, trs not pretty (trivial) and that price, we have:
-A sense of his faussbr />-many people who find them hard mix (not translatable)

then, go listen too. may be your ears ragiront they otherwise ....

if you want to listen something else: take KRK. 10 MPH or watch, or even carrment cheaper.