JBL 4343
JBL 4343

4343, Active Monitor from JBL.

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pagu 10/27/2005

JBL 4343 : pagu's user review


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JBL 4343 for me has always REPRESENTATIVES perfection Contents of cost. However, the price first (equivalent in the 70's, that of a new medium sedan), and their footprint on the other hand, empch me to this acqurir era. I shall therefore of costs in stores hifi high end (there was the era) or in recording studios.
Twenty years APRS I bought a pair of occasion. I lived in an apartment ... The problem of neighborhood (between frustration and / or brush strokes on the ceiling), made me dmnager in a house. Since all is well!
I use an amplifier for a year Yamaha B-1, (2 x 200W, 10Hz-100kHz, s / n 105 dB, 46 kg) also a MODEL legendary 70's, the mad DCEN hifi, replacing an Onkyo Intgra I found the perfect until ...
Yamaha B-1 rvl me many qualities of my 4343 Onkyo had not Russian dvoiler: depth and power of the registry extreme serious finesse of 'acute. In addition, the high power available from B-1 arvl dynamic new dimension ...
Note: I have yet to test the bi-amp ...


As the name implies, the JBL 4343 Studio Monitor Designed to perform t cost studio. And as - almost - no compromises made on t size, weight (104 kg pice) or its price, its CHARACTERISTICS, including rponse curve, are close to the perfection. Moreover, for the record, the silent era such MODEL rgime subject to VAT corresponding to the "measuring instruments" and not "high fidlitquot;.
And besides, it still performs well its rle: Difference in quality between the recordings are being obviousness Fawn thunder.
For me, clarity and transparency neutrality are the most impressive features of the cost. The consideration is that any default of registration, any connection imperfect aparat Manir of incredibly sharp, even for the y-nophyte.
I do not comment on the effect "dcoiffant" I leave you discovering ...


Ten years APRS acquisition, and five years after their vritable operations (in house ...) I'm spares for anything: for me the JBL 4343 speakers are the best that I ' I had the opportunity to listen until now. And besides, it is amusing to note the disruption that occur within minutes of COST on the happy owners of Systmes "home theater" full of superlatives and watts!
I finished on three points:
- The square that includes the top-mdium and the two cuts can be made out on the suprieure part of the enclosure to the top can be rotated to have the speakers Manir mode "vertical" or "horizontal" tweeter while maintaining the top of the panel. One of the horizontal mode is intrts moves away from the low hp of the ground without too surlever speakers. Against them by each occupy more than one meter wide and must be placed on a support able to withstand their weight. All rooms cost does not allow ...
- For the fans: If buying used, consider the cost of "re-membranage" or approx. 1500 euros, amortized over 20 years.
- Finally, those who do not have the resources sufficient to acqurir of 4343 but would like to view this inimitable quality of large CONTRL JBL speakers, I would strongly recommend them s'intresser MODEL 4333 on the Difference of quality is really not Paisse ...