JBL 4411
JBL 4411

4411, Active Monitor from JBL.

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kursk 06/27/2007

JBL 4411 : kursk's user review


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I have recently started JBL 4311B. I'm very happy, they are in fairly good condition.

I like the return for a relatively small volume, and I love leeurs rendered details.

I have a Yamaha amp 2x100W but I'd like to change soon, but I hesitate a lot with several brands, NAD, Marantz, Denon, Exposure.

I listen to mostly modern Jazz, Funk, Pop, Saul, and a little classical.


The sound is very smooth. I noticed that if we increase the volume, midrange and treble are much more present, and, but it is my view that the upper could be a bit aggressive, sure the amp is for something.
Excellent dynamics, a relatively small volume, it's really stunning!


I have since 3 weeks, and really I rediscovered many things. They are uncompromising with the records and do not forgive anything. But against party, it delivers the truth of music, with a very good performance, it also privileged to listen at low volume, what the neighbors appreciate the most!

After acaquis of Altec 19, 8 models, the BW 603, the Nubert short, I finally I expected the sound and emotion found, as you must know what to wait. I also have the opportunity to have a second pair of 4311 but Alnico version. Does listening is better? Thank you for your advice and opinions.