Keywood Biamp 5A
Keywood Biamp 5A

Biamp 5A, Active Monitor from Keywood.

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enmakak 08/17/2013

Keywood Biamp 5A : enmakak's user review

«  ENOUGH NEUTRAL without tiring »

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It took me quite small monitors, I heard at the distributor milonga, from
a cd and my choice was immediately done, I had monitors rather dull, compared
the size of my room.


For me, this is a rather linear response, rather dull, so not an exaggerated brilliance. First
I had some doubts, a new pair of normal monitor, tamed. then I loved
their record that I find it very balanced, with a stereo image without, but quite correct
not to be mistaken, the sound is quite clear harmonics and transients observed, for
nearfield worthy to other more expensive brands.


8 years of loyal service, it still works as well as the day elsewhere.
What I like most is that these plays are not at all tiring, even past 10 hours
to bosser avec.Ce I like least is that it takes a good time to adapt, before
learn something, ie know them like the back of doigts.D elsewhere always afraid
they let me go, because after challenge is to relearn other plays of same template.