M-Audio BX5
M-Audio BX5

BX5, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the BX series.

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Ghisal 01/09/2004

M-Audio BX5 : Ghisal's user review


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First the price that the solutions can evolve, the Regu-lation of the acoustic space, mandatory home. that I should not buy a prampli. They are not too powerful so I was going pasque I do not need.
For a home studio is fun even when it's good entry level speakers, I imagine the BX8 or when coupled with a subwoofer.
No amp, but I branch on the cash out of my Hoontech DSP 2000, and runs well even qd.
See SPECIFICATIONS for the news.


The curve is neutral for everything that happens within the walls, but it is clear that lack of bass, the woofer is too small a means, if not clear, good, good voices and guitars.
The image is stro gun if they are placed well, obviously, I can not, but for trying it's done, we are IN! (Remember the triangle quilatral , thank you AF)
The sound is prcis, a clear yes, there's no bcp low, that the amplifications are playing a spare qd even for a well transcribed.
The dynamics are respected, and most is the SETTING THE acoustic space, mid boost, and then eq the treble 2 0 -2 db. Nice and happy I am! Always consider that lack of low


Since yesterday, no j'arrte discovering new things about the voice. The precision is really acute apprciable, when the votes are even better with my string retranscrises Hi-Fi is bluffing here, I aps essay for guitars, but to pierce more fat is not gnial, correct. This is my Premire with 4 months of rflxion qd same.
The pattern is the same price when I am not 1000 but 400 euros is not the same has a microphone and a sound card prampli BX5 + for the same price!
Yes, or with some Roros supplmentaires the BX8, and then the subwoofer as a bonus.
In fact volute, clear, customizable, too CHRE is normal asduise many people, including me. I'm waiting to see BX16 lol