M-Audio BX8a
M-Audio BX8a

BX8a, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the BX series.

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Wedges2 04/03/2011

M-Audio BX8a : Wedges2's user review

« For the Price Range I'd Definatly Recommend Them »

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I’ve had these monitors for over a year now and they are still going strong. I’d definatly recommend them to anyone looking into getting monitors in the $500 and under range.

The build quality rivals all other monitors in the price range, and the fact that they still seem stable as ever proves that. They have been through all the accidental really loud blasts of noise, young cousins poking at their cones, and being re-situated numerous times without their sound or structure changing at all.


I am quite please with the sound of the Bx8a’s. The 8’’ drivers give enough bass for me in most of my hip hop related productions, and it was easy for me to learn the way the bass would translate to say, a a pair of 12’’ in a car. I’ve heard people say that the Bx8a’s don’t have a flat response, just like every monitor, but I know that they are very easy for me to create mixes that do well on all types of playback systems after working with them for about a year.

Easily connected using XLR or TRS cables I hooked them up to my M-audio FastTrack and loved what I heard. Once I put pads underneath of them to keep the bass from resonating on my table they became even more accurate. The only problem I have with them is that they have a slight hiss in the tweeters. Never enough to both me, as I can’t really hear it when I’m standing a foot and a half away but it’s still there.


I would never switch these monitors out for another pair in this price range, the only way I’m upgrading is if I’m spending a grand or more. The Bx8a’s are defiantly a good choice in the price range.