M-Audio DX4
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Pakupaku (lcl) 12/01/2004

M-Audio DX4 : Pakupaku (lcl)'s user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
size and price, I do not know if you can call a "technical";)

- For what purpose?
cvomme costs for my mixers vinyl.

- What amp / What configuration?
well, mixing table on monitors e-line (table = smac pro 20, trs good by the way)


- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?
she tries but it was not! maintenance has mainly to physical limitations, can not work miracles in this format!

- Stereo image is good?
can go to is even one of the strengths of this model over other CHARACTERISTICS (see more)

- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
is that the apche seriously!
good, of course, these monitors are intended for DVD or cost of games is even written on it, do not expect miracles then. the highs are relatively prcis, no worries known. Cot mdiums however is the complete blur! There is a button to boost the mids on the active speaker, has a little Relva cohrence the entire course, but still artificial and should not be relied upon to make a mix (of I mean production).
For low is something else: the bass reflex as the rear of the monitors, too far from a wall there is almost no bass. by putting the correct distance, a little goes prs, but do not get too close to the risk of muting the sound. ie a does not fit all contexts.

- The dynamic is she respects
I would say no, see above-cited reasons


I acquired these mini monitors to mix with the head in the center of a system that's, my instructors prods as few meters away. For this purpose, they agree, although one should not look for a great sound, bass and midrange cot because it's not terrible. I had tried before, so I act knowingly, but I recommend impractical to try before you buy!
for games or DVD trs can do it well.
HOWEVER TO AVOID ABSOLUTELY FOR PROD because that has to give anything.
but hey, it's not a vocation.

DPIT in any a, a is a system that's right for a small fee (170 euros montpellier) and compact size. neither more nor less.