Prodipe Pro 5
Prodipe Pro 5

Pro 5, Active Monitor from Prodipe.

Feelzeloops 12/19/2013

Prodipe Pro 5 : Feelzeloops's user review

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A pair of monitoring is essential to computer music
I needed quite powerful active speaker compose, listen to music and sound to my turntables.
For a budget - 400th I had 3 choices: KRK, Yamaha, Prodipe
Listening area has Keyboards, Yamaha were colder, more electric. KRK and Prodipe were warmest.


I have not enough experience or technical capacity to accurately judge this.

However, this is the minimum required to listen to and make music. Of monitoring are essential.


Soon 6 years, many moves and it works!
They had a moment problems tweeter, but left as it came, the great mystery! But the case is apparently scouring, I was able to find this concern several times on various forums.
Most is the price, sound quality and beauty of the product.
You can connect the RCA and XLR same time. (No need to table to gather the different sound sources.)

Given the concern tweeter stopped and then re-worked, I should have taken the KRK ... However, it is the same design as the Prodipe.

In all cases las less than 400 (cables offered by Keyboard Space, you can enjoy a quality audio system. Do not deprive yourself because it is indispensable.