Samson Technologies Resolv 50a
Samson Technologies Resolv 50a

Resolv 50a, Active Monitor from Samson Technologies in the Resolv series.

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Kamele0n 11/15/2005

Samson Technologies Resolv 50a : Kamele0n's user review


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Premire is what are my monitoring speakers and I think they are worth every penny for the COST home studio. I have bought to replace my existing hi-fi Systm.

It is great rib, it's what bttn arm. They each consist of between RCA and one from Jack, it adapts easily to its Systm costs. An ON / OFF button for each speaker, and a knob for gain (volume) for each speaker.

They may find some small default mchants wrong: They attrappent more easily dusts and are quite heavy.


Talk about the positives first:

- The precision of the sound is gniale. Trs are deep, they can go wrong when a rverbe RULES.
- Stereo image is impeccable, a bit too much (lol).
- The dynamics of these speakers is absolutely amazing for their price.
- Sound the cost seems clear trs.
- The bass level is correct, compltement acceptable to speakers of this type.
- The curve with frequency drives Fidler is the gain: A small volume such as volume, we always hear the same thing.
- The design, simple and modern.

Ngatifs points (but it's really nothing ...)

- There is a small bump in the midrange, the curve frequency drives is not completely neutral.
- The sound is a bit tense, screaming.


EyeGO to a small synthse runissant the positive and ngatifs of these speakers:

The sound of Resolv 50a is a little too expressive mediums. This is absolutely not the tight deadlines couraging mixes Fidler, clear, neat and free of burrs. Trs good momentum, it is not for the little dog.

Repeat purchase, especially for 280.