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oliv1809 06/29/2014

Sonodyne SM 100AK : oliv1809's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Senior Monitoring in Home Studio, mix music and post production.


Very good dynamic power control.
No fatigue during extended mixes.
they do not drop as low as monitorings bigger, but it sends the bottom is clean and crisp.
A nice response in the midrange and treble, and a beautiful stereo image.
I prefer them to Genelec 1030 I know perfectly and Dynaudio BM 5A.
I hesitated with Focal CMS65 but my budget was been too light.
I do not regret.


excellent value for money compared to a Genelec 1030 which is the direct competitor.
Ignition front and well control practices.
Regret, the volume knob on the front is not notched, and if we put everything thoroughly, a very slight hiss is heard, but that does not really bother.
My mixes are much more accurate than my Yamaha MSP5 I had for years, and I am much less tired when working with these beautiful pregnant!

I highly recommend