TLCpro AMS 1 - Soie
TLCpro AMS 1 - Soie

AMS 1 - Soie, Active Monitor from TLCpro.

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kravatorf 01/08/2005

TLCpro AMS 1 - Soie : kravatorf's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
I heard this pair of fawn Retailer pregnant at a collective cost and I have guards test for a few weeks

they are powered speakers, well finished, the volume and weight of worry, with a set of corrections on the back of the enclosure complete and effective (the srigraphie is becoming clear trs)

places a reasonable price range trs and guides rather "good mid-range"


Premire Printing of mdiums trs "forward," a good foundation in the lower treble and soft rev back
costs and a careful use confirms this impression in the Premire compltant prsence by a small hollow in the lower mdium contributing sit down and "make pter" the m dium.
the voices (especially in multimedia use) do not spend as much as I expected

otherwise, Stereo image, clarity and dynamics of these speakers, without achieving the perfection of a high-end trs, trs are nice outfit
It actually have a cot "HI FI rigorous and not specially flattering" really enjoyable and will be really nice for all mix a little "old school" (caractriss slightly marked by a high but beautiful mdiums) in costs so deuxime dj available for a system that premium costs or mixed "home studio" and lounge (which is remarkable and quite rare)

in absolute (opposite the trs really high end) I will put a 6 but in this range, Amrita widely September 1


To know some pregnant following choices for cornliens m'quiper home (small MSP5) and studio (ADAM S3A) and a long time with the boss Roland DS90A these AMS1 seem really good value price and quality, can be found in this range certainly on my short list

the choice of speakers is always something trs staff, I would strongly advise you to listen with you even to get an ide

For my part, if only the acute taient more consistent and enjoyable voice, all the rest as top, these speakers would be an obvious choice for me

l have a little COMPTITE but still a great deal that price