Yamaha HS7
Yamaha HS7

HS7, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

Le Garage Studio 12/09/2013

Yamaha HS7 : Le Garage Studio's user review

«  Nice surprise »

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I knew Yamaha HS50M for having the pregnant totally null, null so they allowed me to check how my mixes sounded. (See my review)
So I say to the next level of nullity, take the HS7, new flagship of the range, so I vérifirai my mixes in new speakers.


Well, remember all the same price: 400 €. So for neutrality, we will return with a little more liquidity. Effective respect of the stereo image, even at close range. Dynamic hair. In short, look at my overall opinion.


Well then, I bow my head. These speakers are the surprise of the year. They are really excellent in this price range. They absolutely do not struggle in desous of 100hz, as I have read, and restore sound to about 60hz before crashing like big turds short of that frequency. They are not made for working subs, sure, it's 6.5 inches. But they have very nice bass, well-rounded, and make fishing with some good attacking kick drums. They have beautiful mediums purposes and treble surprisingly enjoyable when you know Yamaha. Great effort. They even render pretty good reverbs, even at low level.
No, really, it's not Neumann, but they are really impressive in this price range.