PRX518S, Active subwoofer from JBL in the PRX500 series.

venuxdeluxe 06/30/2011

JBL PRX518S : venuxdeluxe's user review

«  PRX 518S. Non recurrent problem reconus »

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I am user of JBL for many years, both in the studio sound system and even hi-fi ..... It is with confidence that I invested in a pair of sub PRX 518S amplified Crown despite a Chinese manufacturing! This system worked without problems when multiple outputs.
The positive side is the weight and bulk as well as start-up, the dark side for the sound is nothing special ... As the sub is almost unfair, but there is the rub is that this model seems to suffer from poor design in terms of amplification and protection! Many U.S. users have had the same concern (see harmony central forum) ie the box does not support extreme modulations serious!!
A roof for a sub box says ..... the result is always the same: stranded amplification chamber and thus silent; return to sav and awaiting the return of days too long .....
In short, a very reliable product and a big disappointment especially as JBL does not recognize this problem occurs, however, since 2008 in the USA!