Yamaha DSR118w
Yamaha DSR118w

DSR118w, Active subwoofer from Yamaha.

JimboSpins 01/24/2013

Yamaha DSR118w : JimboSpins's user review

« Comes with a warranty of 5 years! »

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The DSR118W from Yamaha is an 800 watt powered PA sub that has an 18 inch driver. This sub is very portable and easy to carry due to the heavy duty built in handles on the side of the sub. When you purchase this sub you will get an automatic 5 year warranty just in case something with it happens.
This sub has 48 bit sound processing and an amazing sound with very low end frequencies. Out of all of the times that I have used this subwoofer in the last year I have not had a single issue or complaint with it. The DSR series from Yamaha is one of the best lines they have come out with because of the people that are behind this line of subs. The engineers really went to work on the DSR line and made a high quality efficient sub that is great for DJ’s and gigging musicians. They do make the DSR subs in different sizes for different sized venues so it will depend on exactly what you need It for to know if you purchase the 118W or another one. But this one has a very clean sound even when turned up to max volumes in larger spaces. This subwoofer is on the heavier size though weighing almost 100 pounds but it is still pretty easy to carry due to the handles and overall shape of the subwoofer. There are 2 XLR inputs and 2 XLR outputs on it with a frequency range of 50 hz to 110 hz. It is only about 20 inches tall and about 2 feet wide making it simple to get into a car with a good sized back seat or trunk space. It also has a crossover frequency of 120 hz. I highly recommend this woofer because of not only the quality and sound but the warranty that comes with it. You do not find many speakers or subs that come with a 5 year warranty!