Best Service Forest Kingdom
Best Service Forest Kingdom

Forest Kingdom, Ambient / New Age Sample from Best Service.


[Musikmesse] Best Service Libraries

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Best Service presents several new libraries at this week's Musikmesse, including Forest Kingdom, Klanghaus and Kraftworker.


Forest Kingdom

Developed by Eduardo Tarilonte - the producer of "Epic World" - Forest Kingdom is a sample library inspired by Nature. It is the sound of forests and jungles, a 7 GB library with 200 patches and 7.500 individual samples (44Khz-24bits) that includes flutes, harps, percussion, fantasy creatures, voices and sonic landscapes.



  • Celtic Harps: Two magical harps (accoustic and electric)
  • Flutes: Bulgarian piccolo flute, Native American Kiowa flute, African Fula Flute, Double Flute, Xiao and a full set of Panpipes, from the tiniest to the hugest (1,5 meters height and B0 to C6 range)
  • Percussion: A set of percussion instruments, including numerous different shakers, chimes, taiko, duff, cumacos, slic drum, udu, marimbola (a huge kalimba) and more... Percussion has from 6 to 14 different velocity layers and 4 round robin each.
  • Pads: 80 controllable soundscapes.
  • Voices: An ethereal solo voice with real legato and shamanic phrases.
  • Fantasy Creatures: Forest Kingdom includes an array of fantasy creatures sounds and bird calls.


Pricing & Availability

SRP € 199     UK £ 175

Shipping mid of April



Producer Ferdinand Försch has according to Best Service developed over a hundred musical instruments (metal drums, string instruments and combinations, sound images, drum and sound walls and sound machines), building them from a range of materials.


A central inspiration in his research and work is the relationship between the acoustic and the visual, between sound and form, hearing and seeing. In 1997 he founded the ‘KLANGHAUS‘ in Hamburg, Germany, as an experimental forum for concerts, exhibitions and interdisciplinary performances.


Get an impression with this video:

Pricing & Availability

UVP € 299      UK £ 265

Shipping end of April





• Synthesizer Sounds

• Chord Sounds

• Electronic Speech Synthesizers, Choirs, Vocoders

• Computer Sounds

• Pad Sounds

• Organic Sounds

• Basses

• EFX Sounds

• Musical Patterns and Sequences


• Orchestron

TI Language Translator: german-english-french-spanish

• FX-501P Pocket Calculator

• Speak & Spell

• Stylophon

•BG Rhythm Machine




UVP € 249.-    UK £ 219

Shipping end of April


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