Bass amplification articles

  • Eden Electronics WTX-500 Amplifier Head and EX110 Speaker Cabinet Review

    Eden Electronics WTX-500 Amplifier Head and EX110 Speak… - Care For Your Garden


    When I was starting out as a bass player I didn't dream about the ideal amp. Of course, I fantasized about bass guitars but I can't remember being excited by a great combo or a bulky stack. For me, amplifiers were only useful tools: you had to plug into one to get a sound. And the most important thing was to have enough output volume, regardless o…

  • Roland CB120XL Cube Bass Review

    Roland CB120XL Cube Bass Review - Roland's Song


    If Ikutaro Kakehashi named his company with this typical European name, it wasn't to honor the famous traditional song of heroic deeds. Since its inception the company has been committed to export, and the first goal of its founder was to find a name that was easy to spell and original enough to attract attention.

  • Tech 21 Characters Series VT Bass Deluxe Review

    Tech 21 Characters Series VT Bass Deluxe Review - At Your Beck and Call...


    Following the Red Ripper, let's check out the new VT Bass version released by Tech 21. The unit is a preamp in stompbox format. It simulates the sound of the legendary SVT amps from a manufacturer whose name is unnecessary to mention. since you are all very cultivated. Many AF members have praised this system in the forums and asked for a review o…

  • TC Electronic BH500 and BC210 Review

    TC Electronic BH500 and BC210 Review - Red Peril in Denmark


    Ever since the futuristic RH450 came out (directly from a Georges Lucas film), the viking manufacturer has kept on developing products for bass players.

  • Fender Rumble 150 Review

    Fender Rumble 150 Review - Power on Casters


    I got a bit nostalgic when I wrote this review. I was 16 when my first amp was waiting for me under the Christmas tree. Not a 15-watt amp but a big one. To play in a band, do live gigs and be cheered by a wild crowd. In short, I could stop playing by myself in my room. The amp was almost more bulky than the Christmas tree: it was a second-hand Fe…

  • SWR HeadLite Amplifier Head & Amplite Amplifier Review

    SWR HeadLite Amplifier Head & Amplite Amplifier Review - Light Headed But Fully Packed


    On today's menu, to get rid of the cold and warm up, we have a light but nourishing pair of SWR class-D heads (an amp/preamp combo and a power amplifier).

  • Bassman TV Twelve Review

    Bassman TV Twelve Review - Fender Bassman TV : Old-School Amp


    The 50's saw the birth of the first electric bass guitars by Leo Fender with the famous Precision Bass model. Inevitably, the first Bassman amps with their tweed covering quickly appeared on the market. To celebrate its non-birthday, Fender introduces a new amp series based on these pioneer models.

  • TC Electronic RebelHead450 review

    TC Electronic RebelHead450 review - Rebel Rebel


    Well-known for its studio and guitar digital effects, TC Electronic enters the bass market with the RebelHead450, a 450-watt amplifier head with speaker cabinet.